Friday, May 4, 2007

Dear Publisher!

Re: Grigory Grigorov
If you are interested in a book, that gives a profound historical and philosophical analysis of what happened in Russia in 1917, the prehistory of this tragic event, given by professor of philosophy Grigory Grigorov, born in 1900 in Ukraine, who was an active witness of the revolution and described what he saw from 1905 to 1972 in his three books. At the age of 16 he began to help to one of Bolshevik groups in Ekaterinoslav, being a worker, took part in the Civil War, and after the war entered Moscow University and received the degree of professor of philosophy at the Institute of Red Professorship in 1925. By this time he got disappointed in Bolshevik politics, especially for the persecution of the opposition. He was expelled from Bolshevik party, was exiled and arrested, returned to his work as a professor in Leningrad, and in 1934 after Kirov murder he and his wife were arrested and sent to a concentration camp in Vorkuta. Grigorov finished his last confinement only in 1954, returned to his family and wrote his memoirs. It was impossible to publish his books in Russia, and only being in Israel his family managed to publish only the first book (1905 – 1928) in Moscow in 2005. The first book was published in Moscow in number 2,000 copies and sold very well. It was bought by students, intellectuals, historians in Russia, Israel, England, Germany and Finland and received a very high rating. It was emphasized that the book had been written by a unique witness. The language is very good, the pictures, drawn by the author are extremely vivid, because G. Grigorov had a unique memory, which allowed him without any documents to restore the events of his life and his meetings with people in detail.
The second book (1929 – 1972) is ready and waits for its publication. The third book, containing philosophical analysis of the époque and including such chapters, as: “Myth of Stalin and Reality”, “Stalin and Hitler - Spiritual Twins” and others is being prepared.

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